Reasons Your Office Should Switch to Hybrid Document Management

For those of you who own a small to medium sized business you’ll understand what we mean when we talk about the pressures of paper waste management. One way in which you can help to effectively and efficiently transition your working environment from a place that creates vast quantities of paper waste, to one that relies on digital copies of documents whilst keeping authentic originals in paper form, is to use the services of a trustworthy hybrid document management system. A system of managing the creation process of new business documentation, alongside a long-standing process of going back through historical business documents and digitising them for future use and to free up space in your current setup, is a sensible option for most businesses, especially those without the budget to fulfil a digitisation process in one go.

The paperless office environment is a concept that has been longed for over the past decade and in the UK it is becoming a real possibility for many companies in myriad industries. There are a few genuine benefits to using the services of a document management company who can help you implement a hybrid document management system and start moving towards a fully paperless office in the future.

How the process would work is that a new culture would be applied in your work place. So any new documentation that is created, from anything such as important business notes, receipts, invoices, employee information files, marketing materials etc. will be created in digital form (as well as a physical copy if required). Once the original copy is no longer needed it can be disposed of carefully and in a manner befitting the data protection regulations that all businesses have a legal obligation to adhere to. This is the first stage of a change in culture towards a paperless office – everything is being created in digital form.

The second change related to the hybrid management system is that your historical business documents can be managed more effectively. For most businesses there are stacks of paper documents, files and folders that can become a clutter and a nuisance, preventing growth through just being present and taking up valuable space. The second phase of hybrid document management will begin to methodically work through old documents, digitising them and allowing you to use the now free space for other, more profitable, purposes.

The biggest advantage to moving towards a paperless office in this fashion is that it helps to free up that space as mentioned. Alongside that however, you’ll also find the benefit of a flexible approach to managing your historical documents. Some companies might want to digitise all their historical records in one go, but for others there could be many years worth of records to transition into digital form. A good hybrid document management service will offer flexibility of digitising records in batches, in order to suit your needs as a business and your budgets.

Having digital copies of records and documents in the office can help your staff become more productive and effective, as a digital copy is retrievable, and usable instantly. Think about transitioning to a paperless office to streamline your business operation.