Quick Things About Hiring A Corporate Caterer!

No matter whether it’s an in-house event for the staff or a large scale corporate party, you must find a caterer who can offer great food and even better services. Business people, clients, executives, top brass, members of the board and prospective customers are important for your company in the long run. In this post, we will suggest a few tips on how you can choose between corporate catering services.

Take notes

How many guests will be attending the event? Is the venue fixed? If yes, do they allow hiring caterers additionally or it’s a part of the package? What kind of menu options are you looking for? Is the venue an open one? If yes, would you want BBQ arrangements? What are the other things you expect from the caterer? Get answers to these questions, and make sure that you have this note handy before approaching caterers.

Always rely on names

Recommendations are really useful while selecting corporate caterers. You can ask around to get references, but if that’s not a choice, Google always comes handy. Check for local listings and look up for reviews. Not all companies deal in corporate catering, so bear that in mind. The concerned caterer must have the right resources, staff members and experience for handling the event.

Keep a flexible menu

While planning corporate events, you have to consider the needs of your guests more specifically. Ideally, it is better to keep a mix between meats and vegan/vegetarian food. You may also want to keep an eye on foods that can cause allergies. Caterers usually have a bunch of fixed menu options, but it is always possible to customize the same as required. Don’t shy away from asking questions related to the menu.

Budget, tasting and more

Get an estimate in advance, and if possible, place the booking at least a couple of months ahead of the event. Some caterers may accept last minute bookings, but that’s usually subject to availability. Tasting is important, especially for giant scale events. You may have to pay a small fee for that, but that’s worth paying because a considerable budget is at stake. Also, ask your caterer as what’s included in the price. Typically, they will set up the tables, arrange for BBQ buffet, serve guests, arrange bar and dessert stations, and clean up after the event. It largely depends on the nature of contract you have with them.

Find your options now!