Hard Drive Destruction Must be Left to the Pro

Have you bought a new computer and have to get rid of the old one? If so, you should plan how to dispose of that old PC. You don’t want hackers and cyber terrorists to steal important information from the device. These people usually go after personal and banking information. And while you can delete everything from your device, this is not enough to keep its content out of the wrong hands. A lot of places on your hard drive can keep information and deleting the most oblivious locations does not totally eliminate the data.  The best way to ensure your information stays private is to get your hard drive destroyed. However, just like confidential onsite paper shredding, hard drive destruction must be done by professionals.

Do you Have your Own Computer Graveyard?

A lot of companies don’t have this facility. With information and identity theft prevalent these days, old hard drives that are not properly destroyed can be risky to your company. Top secret information such as innovative research results, manufacturing secrets and product development information must be properly eliminated from your hard drive. Credit card information, employee records and customer list would be quite valuable to identity thieves and even your competitors.

Professional Hard Drive Destruction

While you can find videos on disposing of hard drives at home, it may not be worth the aggravation and the possibility that you don’t get it right. Thus, it is much better hiring a professional to destroy your hard drive to make sure the job is done right. Professional hard drive destroyers perform an on site hard drive destruction which means that your hard drive won’t go be taken anywhere. However, you can also choose an off-site destruction in which your hard drive will be picked up and taken away for disposal. Keep in mind though that off-site destruction carries some risks as some computer-savvy people could easily extract information from your hard drive.

As you select an off-site hard drive destruction service, visit the facility without giving notice to the owner. Ensure the building is secure and you have run a background check on its people. Be informed of how the destruction process goes and ask if the facility is certified by a quality control agency. However, if you want to sleep with peace of mind, go for an on-site service. Your hard drive will be destroyed in your presence, on your property.