Five Common Mistakes to Avoid while Investing in Gold

Any kind of investment is subject to market risk. You need to be thorough with the procedure and how the whole system works. Gold is one of the most used option for investment. People buy and sell gold at the right time to maximize the interests. However, often people end up making loses, owing to the mistakes they committed. Here are a few such mistakes that you need to avoid in order to get better returns.

  • Not knowing the right time to buy gold

One of the most common mistake which leads to people incurring huge losses is that they don’t know what the right time to buy gold for investment is. If the gold’s price is in increasing trend from last couple of days, it is advisable to wait for the day of drop. It is a volatile commodity and the prices are meant to fluctuate. You just need to know when the right time for you to buy them is.

  • Investing for a short time

The value of gold does not increase steeply. The slow rise occurs and takes a lot of time before bringing any significant profit to you. If you are thinking of short term investment, never buy gold. However, if long term investment is what you are looking for, gold is the right commodity for you.

  • Investing in gold jewelry

Gold jewelry takes into consideration factors other than gold price for price finalization. However, during the time of returns, you will get the price of only gold. Make sure you buy gold coins instead of jewelry for which making charges are extra. When it comes to better ROI, gold coins are your partner.

  • Buying from a unknown sources

Gold adulteration is very common. Therefore, it is necessary to buy from a reliable reputed shop. Always look for mark of originality. Apart from this make sure you are buying 24 karat gold as the market is loaded with 22 karat gold which are often sold for same price as 24.

  • Not knowing when to cash it

Since the economic volatility is increasing, gold is said to increase in value daily. However, there might be changes in economy and the gold price can also be affected. You should be well aware of the time when you need to cash your gold or sell it for better price.


Gold is often considered a fail proof investment. All you need is proper planning and knowledge to gain profits. Make sure you avoid these mistakes to get better returns for your investment.